A Girls Who Code alumna’s journey to entrepreneurship

Karina Popovich is an entrepreneur and Girls Who Code alumna

“Confidence looks great on everyone, but so many girls are not confident in their skills or even their bodies. I want to lead by example to change that.” — Karina Popovich

1. A vinyl cut, 3D-printed business card

2. A start-up called Powza, which is focused on offering start-ups growth strategies and allowing them to achieve these growth strategies by bundling numerous business subscriptions for the price of one

3. The one I am most excited for is an app that connects people with 3D printers to those who need something 3D printed, essentially it’s like the Uber for 3D prints.

The making of a business card: first, I laser cut all of the text onto the aluminum card, then I cut some vinyl for my email and the logo on the back, and finally, I 3-D print my name and website.



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